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Kitchen floor insulation

Kitchen floor insulation


Classic kitchen with ceramic tiles flooring Floor insulation layers are insulated to protect from moisture in classic and traditional kitchen, heat and escape from noise. Information on the number and type of insulation should be included in a construction project.Acoustic insulation of ceramic tiles. It is used to it so special polystyrene. sound, though they are the product of choice for slabs of rock or mineral woolmats made of plastic.*

laminate white tiles flooring

Kitchen-with-laminate-white-tiles-flooring Kitchen with laminate white tiles flooring Thermal Insulation. For floors intended primarily of polystyrene plates with a density of EPS 100-038 min. (the higher the density, the greater the resistance to compression of polystyrene foam). On the roof in the kitchen may be sufficient plate thickness of 1 cm, but on the ground laminate floor must be at least 6-8 cm. Of course, the appropriate thickness of insulation should be specified in the project.

kitchen with wooden floor

White-kitchen-with-wooden-floor White kitchen with wooden floor If the insulation in colored kitchen is to be thick, it is best to put plates in two layers (with a lag of welds – mijankowo)of wooden floor. This makes it easier to connect panels and eliminates thermal bridges.* Insulation against. It must be put in places where the floor can bend ground moisture.Historically, this type of security performed with lepiku. Currently, much more frequently used shell seamless waterproof membrane or flexible or wooden material(liquid film).

white fluent floor

Luxury-kitchen-with-white-fluent-floor Luxury kitchen with white fluent floor Such izolacjami protects the floor from moisture, both dirt and fluent that threatens przegrodom in the kitchen, where, although nowhere is water, but often wet. Insulation against arranged directly on the backing, and only its warming.Water-proof insulation in wet rooms. In places such as laundry, which is placed in the groove floor drains.

Wooden kitchen with white floor

Wooden-kitchen-cabinet-with-white-floor Wooden kitchen cabinet with white floor Apply a heavy insulation placed on the base, which should be formed with at least  in the direction of gully in wooden kitchen design.* Insulation vapor. If the floor is at risk of moisture which might enter from the bottom, eg dry box below, please consult the insulation vapor. It performs the same material as-proof, but is placed directly on the ceiling.

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